You cant get TO your dream.You must come FROM it. - Coaches On Fire - Pam Sterling

“You can’t get TO your dream, you must come FROM it.” ~ Mary Morrissey

If you’re like me, you may very well have taught this very concept. AND I am so grateful for those in my life who remind me to go back to the power of this truth when I get too caught up in the circumstances of the now.

What is your dream?

If your dream is to have a seven figure coaching business, or to be speaking on an international stage, or to have an amazing team who supports you in being in your zone of Genius, or to have the freedom to live in and work from Costa Rica for a year, or to work less and get paid more – then we want to be asking ourselves – How does that person – who is already living that life – think? What decisions would she make FROM that place? What kinds of conversations does she have? How does she spend her days? What does she eat? What does she read? What does she wear? What is her morning routine like? Who does she spend time with? What expectations does she have of herself? What are her goals? What kind of content does she produce? What do her marketing messages look like? How does she think and act FROM that place of already living that life?

Just between you and you…

What would shift for you if you were truly coming FROM the place of already living the life you imagine?

How would you think differently?

How would you act differently?

How would your decisions be different FROM that place?

What would it look like to “put on” that person?

This is ultimately about the energy we hold. When our energy shifts we begin to move molecules and when we do that, “all sorts of things begin to occur that never otherwise have occurred” (to borrow from William Murray).

I encourage you to “put that person on”. To live FROM the life you are imagining, and see what begins to show up for you. You may just be blown away.