Get The Breakthrough You've Been Looking For

And create the impact and lifestyle you dreamed of when you followed your heart to become a coach.

Get The Breakthrough You've Been Looking For

And create the impact and lifestyle you dreamed of when you followed your heart to become a coach.

You have a BOLD vision for the difference you want to make, a HUGE heart for the people you want to serve, and TONS of passion to get it done.

BUT... perhaps you've discovered that building a successful coaching business isn't quite as easy as you imagined it would be.

  • Do you feel like you've hit an invisible barrier in your level of success? You're doing everything right, but your results still haven't changed?

  • Do you feel like you're on a revenue roller coaster?  Some months up and some months down, but always unpredictable?

  • Do you feel confused by how best to build your business so that it is sustainable and scalable?

  • Do you feel lost among the sea of coaches out there and wonder how best to stand out and get your message heard?

  • Do you wish you could just coach and not have to do all the "business stuff"?

  • Do you feel isolated trying to do this on your own?

I get it. It's heartbreaking.

And I can help.

I'm Pam Sterling, founder of Coaches On Fire.

If there is one thing I've learned over the past ten years from building my own life coaching business; to working alongside of some of the most iconic names in our industry; to helping committed coaches like you build successful coaching businesses online, it is this...

Success is NOT a Secret.

That's right, it's not. There is a formula to success, and whether you are Elon Musk creating the first luxury electric car, or Steve Jobs creating the first iPhone or YOU, building a successful coaching business, the formula is the SAME.

If the success you've dreamed of has eluded you, the ONLY reason is that one of the components of the Breakthrough Success Formula is either missing or incomplete. Get this right, and you'll be on your way to creating the results you've been looking for. When you're ready, I'd love to share the formula with you in my brand new free training.

What Coaches Are Saying

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Pam Burton

I've worked with a lot of coaches and Pam Sterling is the ONLY one who's actually helped me produce tangible bottom line results. As a result of working with Pam, I've exponentially increased the flow of leads to my business and added over $24,000 to my bottom line. There are lots of coaches out there, but you won't find anyone who can do what Pam does in the way that Pam does it. She is the “real deal”.  Pam Burton,

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Joanne Marceau

Before working with Pam I had been trying to produce a webinar for almost a year. Unable to sustain focus, momentum and creativity left me feeling frustrated and full of self-doubt. From my very first call with Pam, my enthusiasm and confidence returned. Pam’s Channel Marketing System brought clarity and simplicity to an insanely complex process. Pam helped me clarify my unique brand message and now every message resonates authentically start-to-finish. My webinar and marketing funnel are now LIVE, but even better… in the four months of working with Pam; I’ve doubled my revenue. Pam is a MASTER. JoAnne Marceau,


Sylvia Hunt

As coaches, we often put our development on the back burner. Being in Elite is what allowed me to reach into my soul and figure out who I was. I grew as a person, as a friend, as a coach. I’ve taken my experience in Elite and paid it forward into the lives of my clients. When I was feeling down or confused, Pam was there to pull me up and give me the exact words I needed to hear. I recommend Pam to everyone who is looking for a coaches coach. Sylvia Hunt,

Ready For Your Breakthrough?

The Coaches On Fire Elite Experience is our flagship six-month intensive group coaching program designed to facilitate your next BIG breakthrough so you can have the impact and lifestyle you've dreamed of.


"Joining Elite is actually the BEST thing I ever decided in my whole coaching career."  ~ Sandra Fisser

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At Coaches On Fire, we believe you really can have the impact and lifestyle you've dreamed of. BUT, you must have the Right System, the Right Skills, the Right Support, the Right Steps, and the Right State in place to make it happen. The good news is... That's what we're all about :)

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