I'd love to support you in creating the impact and lifestyle you long for.


Are you ready for your breakthrough?  The Coaches On Fire Elite Experience is designed to get you the breakthrough you want, faster than you ever thought possible. This six-month intensive group coaching experience is designed to facilitate your business breakthrough and create a business and life you love. 

The Coaches On Fire Elite Experience is for you if...

You are ready for a dramatic shift and rapid advancement in your results.

You are ready to take your impact, influence and income to the next level.

You are committed to being in ACTION on the field of play, regardless of how scary it feels.

You are willing to think outside the box, and act outside your comfort zone in order to live on the leading edge of what’s possible for you and your coaching business.


I have a few one-on-one coaching slots available for coaches who are passionatedriven, and dedicated to taking their business, their impact and their income to the next level.

What you can expect from this experience…

In a word… RESULTS. 

This 90-day intensive coaching program will be designed to meet your unique business needs.  However, the overall goal is to make sure you have the systems, strategies, support, skills (and psychology) in place to produce ever increasing five figure months in your coaching business.  This includes (but is not limited to) getting super clear about your unique brand message, increasing your visibility and positioning you as an authority in your niche, and implementing an automated marketing system that enables you to produce clients on demand and scale your business.

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At Coaches On Fire, we believe you really can have the impact and lifestyle you've dreamed of. BUT, you must have the Right System, the Right Skills, the Right Support, the Right Steps, and the Right State in place to make it happen. The good news is... That's what we're all about :)

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