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Here's What To Expect In Your Discovery Session...

I believe.... that living globally is more about who you are than what you do. 

On this 60 minute call... we'll take a look at where you're at in your life, on your international journey, or in the midst of your transition and where you want to be and how I might be able to support you in getting there.

My promise to you... is that you'll walk away with clarity, confidence and excitement about the next steps of the journey toward enjoying your international transitions instead of dreading them.


A little about Doreen…….

By applying the tools of visioning, goal setting and increasing self-awareness throughout our inter-cultural transitions, we tend to settle faster, cherish then apply our international experiences more consistently and deliver the results we prefer.   

I am a certified transformational coach who continues to study with some of the most powerful self-development leaders around the globe. I bring effective and lasting transformation to you.  I support you in reaching your highest potential, reduce the time it takes you to adapt to your new surroundings, develop meaningful connections, magnify your success to lead the life you would love, either at home or abroad.

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Breakthrough Session

What my Clients are Saying

Peter James
Professional Photographer

"Working with Doreen was like finding someone who believed in me enough for me to believe in myself. That was invaluable.”

Karyl Huntley

Doreen brings a breadth and depth of global awareness, business savvy, spiritual richness, and ….I’ll call it….lovableness to her coaching that inspires positive outcomes. She deeply cares about her clients, their clients’ results and life transitions. I am a client and my life works because of her coaching skill and my own hard work, which they fire up!

Michael Bloxton

"I think one thing that I was able to gain was a sense of depth in my life and the ability to know the difference between what my life is really about and the things that are in my life."