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I’m in the process of finalizing my new Coaches of Fire website, and I discovered an important tool to easily share my inspirational quote cards and increase my website traffic at the same time.

If you’re like me, and you like to create and share inspirational quote cards and you want to enable your website visitors to easily spread the love by sharing your quote cards on their social media sites – like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – then it is important to have the right image sharing tool in place for doing that.

When I say your perfect tool I mean one that makes it super easy to share an image, one that does not re-size the image and cut off your quote, one that places the quote in the comments of the post so that it can be easily searched, and one that includes a link to your website so as to grow your website traffic.

My Favorite Tool To Share Inspirational Quote Cards And Increase Website Traffic

The ONLY tool I’ve found that fits the bill and does all of these things is the image share tool that offers. Sumome also has other tools in their suite to grow your website traffic and conversion – like an opt in pop up, but for me, their image sharing tool is the most useful.

And… wait for it… wait for it…. it’s FREE! That’s right, AND it can be used on any website – not just WordPress. So if you have a site on Squarespace, or GoDaddy, etc. you can use Sumome.

Sumome also makes it super simple to easily select which Facebook profile or page or group you want to share the image to. AND, when someone shares to Twitter, it actually shares the image and not just the link.

All of this is very cool,

If you want to set up Shareable Quotes on your website as a way to spread the love AND increase your website traffic, Sumome is the way to go.

Have fun. Share. Inspire.