How To Put Your Marketing On Autopilot and Bring Your Perfect Clients To Your Doorstep

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Webinar Minute Markers

  • 0:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • 6:48 The BIG Idea - from a trickle to a flood of leads
  • 7:53 61.29% of coaches say they need help with generating more leads
  • 19:25 The BIG Picture - Overview of the COF Business Building Blueprint
  • 26:34 Funnels 101
  • 27:25 Overview of Channel Marketing
  • 35:00 Why Channel Marketing Works
  • 42:50 Deep Dive Into Each Channel
  • 66:52 Summary of Point A and Point B
  • 69:16 What's Required For Success
  • 75:45 Your Opportunity To Be Mentored By Pam - Intro to The Marketing Mastery Bootcamp
  • 85:05 How to Apply to Be Part Of The Bootcamp - Limited To 12 Coaches On Fire
  • 93:03 Thank You!