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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and and answers below have been curated from the Ignition Lab LIVE Q&A calls.  This FAQ is continually being updated.

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How should I structure my signature speech?
  • What is a signature story? – it’s your story of transformation.  We are in coaching because our life changed in some way, and now we are wanting to help others do the same.
  • Basic structure:
    • What was your struggle?
    • What was your transformational moment?
    • What is the success you’ve had or strength you have gained as a result that you now want to invite others to be a part of.
  • Format for delivering your story:
    • Hook – grab the audiences attention – intrigue, question, curiosity.
    • Book – this is the key message/story.
    • Look – invite the audience to look at their own lives and where this might apply.
    • Took – invite them to take an action.
  • Never tell a story without a point and never make a point without a story.
  • Don’t try to make your story memorable – make it unforgettable.
    • What’s an unforgettable speech in your mind?
    • what made it unforgettable?

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What should I look for in an Email Service Provider?
  • Easy to use
    • email creation
    • reports and analytics
    • whos on a list
  • Ability to set up and Autoresponder series
    • A series of emails that go out automatically after someone subscribes.
      • welcome
      • delivery of what was promised
      • add more value – tips, tools, tricks
  • Ease of segmentation
    • You are able to ‘speak’ to people differently based on their actions or what list they are on.
  • Ability to have different lists with different lead magnets, AND have the ability to combine those lists when sending broadcast emails.
    • Example – productivity report vs free webinar
      • different product delivered when someone joins the list, but when I’m doing a Q&A call like this, I want to be able to send to both those sets of subscribers.
    • MailChimp does not do this easily.
  • Recommendations
    • Aweber or Get Response
    • InfusionSoft