I love this quote from Marie Forleo – “It’s all Figuroutable.”

Mastery requires a mindset that knows and embraces this. It’s a growth mindset that says – I have the ability to learn, grow in my understanding, and troubleshoot. I am resourceful and I can figure stuff out.

A Fixed Mindset

A fixed mindset says – I’m BAD at this and I can’t figure it out. Have you ever heard yourself saying – I’m BAD at technology, I’m BAD at marketing, I’m BAD at speaking, I’m BAD on video, I’m BAD at business, I’m BAD at selling? And therefor, the logic goes, I CAN’T do it.

This reminds me of the first time I installed crown moulding. In general, I’m pretty handy when it comes to home improvement projects, but this task seemed particularly daunting to me. I had studied how to do it for hours – watched videos, read books, studied the diagrams, watched old episodes of This Old House. Then I put a stake in the ground, said this is the day we’re doing this, lined up some helpers, bought the tools and materials we needed, mapped out the pieces. Then… just before the first cut, my helpers and I got nervous and sat down for another hour re-watching videos, looking at the diagrams and reading the instructions. Finally, we made the first cut. We got it wrong. BUT, by getting it wrong, we learned what we needed to do to get it right. It took us a couple days, and a couple more mis-cuts, but finally we completed the job and all of us were super proud of our accomplishment.

A Growth Mindset

I want to encourage you to adopt a growth mindset that says – It’s ALL Figuroutable. I have the ability to LEARN how to create a Facebook Ad. I have the ability to learn, and get really good at, marketing. I have the ability to improve my speaking skills. I’m going to seek out a business mentor so I can master my business skills. I’m going to get to the bottom of my resistance to selling, so that I can serve more people. I’m going to take the steps I need to learn what I need to know about video and make myself camera ready so I can create greater rapport with my prospective clients.

It doesn’t mean we always get it right the first time (I certainly haven’t), but it means we trust in our ability to figure it out and make it better the next time around.

AND this doesn’t mean we never outsource anything, but when we outsource we do so as a strategic business decision and NOT because we think we can’t do it. Capisce?

Trusting in your ability to figure stuff out, increases your confidence and competence and ultimately your mastery.

Your Turn

What have you been telling yourself that you’re BAD at, and therefor you CANT do? What’s ONE step you can take to begin mastering that thing? How can you make it FUN?

Celebrating your Figuroutableness.