Information Overload

Are you an info-binger?

Do you LOVE to learn?

Do you take a ton of online classes and webinars?

Do you buy every book recommended?

Are you on information overload?

As a community, I find that coaches love to learn and grow. Being a lifelong learner is key to developing mastery in our craft. We need to be committed first to our own transformation if we expect to lead others in theirs. This is something we do very well.


Sometimes we spend so much time consuming information that we never get around to creating – i.e. taking action.

You know what I mean? 

“I have my Monday night course… and I take a ton of notes. Then I have my online self-paced training and I’ve watched each videos several times to make sure I get everything out of it. And then there’s a free webinar coming up on Friday that I don’t want to miss ‘cuz it sounds like great content.”

We are learning a TON, but we never end up doing anything with what we learn.

“The bottom line is that consuming without creating doesn’t move the needle forward in your business.”

If you’ve found yourself caught in the consumption without creation trap, you can be sure that good ol’ FEAR is at the heart of it. It’s time to break the pattern.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you break out of the consumption without creation trap:

Go on an information diet.

Do not consume any new courses, webinars, free downloads, etc. for the period you choose. Instead, look back at what you have learned already and take action.

Make a commitment.

Commit to yourself that you will never consume a piece of content, without taking action (even a baby step) on at least ONE THING you learned.

Take action Today.

Take action TODAY on that thing you have been avoiding. If you’ve been avoiding it, it means fear is winning. The longer fear wins, the harder it is to break the pattern. Be courageous. Face your fear. And take action TODAY.

Your Turn – Stop the information overload!

Have you ever found yourself caught in the consumption without creation trap? What has helped you break free? What three action steps will you take this week to stop the information overload and move the needle forward in your business?

Here’s to breaking the info-binging cycle!