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Let’s talk about Facebook Ads, shall we?

Facebook ads can seem a bit intimidating at first, but they don’t need to be. I think the important thing to understand is that Marketing (whether it’s Facebook ads, a Webinar, an email campaign, a Lead Magnet, etc.) is a perpetual TEST. We’re always trying something new, dialing in, and optimizing to get at the message that resonates best with our perfect prospects, provides a solution to their pain, and as a result creates happy clients, raving fans, and delivers the best return on our investment.

So here are some tips for the creation of the Facebook Ad itself (I’m not attempting to cover anything here about identifying your target audience, or your overall Ad strategy). Just the Ad itself. Enjoy.

Note: Be sure to download the Facebook Ad Framework at the bottom of this post as your quick reference guide for creating Facebook Ads that convert!


Call Out

You want to get the attention of your Target Market. One way to do that is to call them out – “Hey Coaches!”, “Hey Teachers”, “Hey Entrepreneurs”.

Start With A Question

Starting with a question that speaks to the pain you are seeking to solve is a great way to immediately grab the attention of your perfect prospects (we should use their EXACT words for their pain which we get to know by surveying our audience OR just plain asking people). So you might say something like – “Have you been struggling to lose those last 10 pounds?”; “Are your ready to get off the revenue roller coaster?”; “Do you feel like you’re too old to dream?”; “Have you become disillusioned with the profession you once loved?”; “Are you at a loss for knowing how to build your email list?” You get the idea.

Point To A Solution

Next we want to offer hope, in the form of a solution. “I want to show you how to lose that weight for good.”; “I want to show you how to get off that revenue roller coaster for good.”; “I’ll show you how to re-connect with your dream, at any age.”; “I want to show you how to reconnect with what lights you up.”; “I’ll show you how to build a list of perfect prospects in the next 30 days.”

Showcase Your Offer As The Embodiment Of The Solution 

Whether we are offering a lead magnet, a webinar, an app, a LIVE event, or inviting people to join a Facebook Group, we want so position our offer as the embodiment of the solution. Here’s some examples – “In my brand new LIVE webinar I’ll share with you the 4 Step Success Formula for consistently creating five figure months in your coaching business.”; “In my Fat Buster Blueprint, I’ll share with you the EXACT steps I share with my private clients to help them bust through those last 10 pounds.”; “In my 30 Day List Builder Challenge, you’ll learn all the inside secrets to rapidly growing your list.”; “In my upcoming webinar, I’ll show you how to get that passion back by sharing with you the 5 steps to reconnect with what lights you up.”

Call To Action + URL

Even though you have a Call To Action (CTA) and a link to click below the ad, you also want to include a CTA and the URL to click in the copy of the ad itself. This gets you more clicks. Don’t be shy about your CTA. Here are some examples – Grab your copy TODAY. Sign up NOW before life gets in the way. Reserve your spot NOW. JOIN now and start connecting with likeminded 50 something women immediately.

Keep It Simple

Use short words, short sentences and write the way you talk – use slang, use contractions, use humor if appropriate.


The image is 80% of the reason why people click. So you want to test several different images. I usually test 4-6 images when I’m starting a new ad to see which one works best. I’m often surprised. I typically test a couple images that include my image (You want to do this too as it helps position you as an authority). I try a couple images without my image – typically a stock photo that reflects their pain OR the promise. And I test images with and without text. Keep in mind that only 20% of your image can have text on it. Images need to be 1200×627 pixels and I typically create them either in Canva or in Keynote (or PowerPoint).



The headline sits just below the Ad Image. The headline should speak to the primary benefit or to what you are offering. For example – “[LIVE Training] How To Create Five Figure Months”; Get Your Passion Back.; Lose Those Last 10LBs In 5 Days; “Ultimate Client Enrollment Blueprint”; “Join The Genius Lab Today”; “Join the List Builder Challenge”; “Reconnect With Your Dream”

Link Description

The link description only appears on ads that are displayed in the Desktop Newsfeed (you can chose to display your ads on the Desktop Newsfeed, Mobile Newsfeed, or Right Side). Use this to reiterate the opportunity and a strong call to action. For example – “Don’t let life get in the way, reserve your spot today.”; “Your dream really can become the reality of your life. Sign up NOW and find out how.”; “Don’t spend another minute trying to do this on your own, download the Blueprint today and start losing those last 10lbs IMMEDIATELY”; “Stop spinning your wheels, join the challenge and start connecting with your perfect clients.”


You simply want to make the button text appropriate with the offer – “Download”; “Signup”; “Learn More”. Also, try testing some ads without the Button to see if it improves the click through rate.

You don’t need a lot of money to get started with Facebook ads. Even $2-$3/ad for the initial test will give you enough information to know which ads are working and which are not (i.e. which ads people are clicking on and which are resulting in sign ups). Then you can turn off the ads that aren’t working, and turn up the budget on those that are.

Your Turn at Facebook Ads

What has been your experience with Facebook ads? Have you tried them? If so, what has been your experience? What is the number one tip you’ve learned? If you have not yet run Facebook ads, what do you feel you need to get over the hump?


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