Transformational DNA (12)

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The powerful five day training that teaches the core transformational principles, practices, and processes that enable you to consciously create transformation in your life.

{Please note that this training series was originally offered on Facebook Live, and so the quality of the video and the interactive conversations are reflective of that.}


Day One

The Case of the Cart & The Horse

Sometimes as coaches we can get so busy with the business of building a business, that our own transformation takes a back seat.  In this training I'll address that and invite you to take steps that will insure that your commitment to your own transformation is front and center.

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Day Two

The Breakthrough Process

In today's training, I actually walk you through the steps of The Breakthrough Process that we use at our Breakthrough Retreats and help you understand WHY creating a breakthrough at this level is so important for transformation to take place.

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Day Three

The Case of the Cocoon

In today's training, I'll be revealing the magic of the cocoon and what that has to do with your transformation.

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Day Four

What's Neurobiology Got To Do With It?

In today's training, we'll take a deeper dive into how we can work with our neurobiology to create transformation in our lives by consciously rewiring our brain to create a new normal.

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Day Five

Transformational DNA

In today's training, we'll examine - just like DNA in our bodies - what are the replicating components necessary to consciously create a lifetime of transformation?

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