Transformational DNA

Is a powerful monthly group coaching program designed to support you in consciously creating transformation in every area of your life.

If you...

🦋 See yourself doing things you don’t want to do.

🦋 Can’t get yourself to do things you want to do.

🦋 Feel like you've hit a glass ceiling in your level of love, success or abundance, and can't figure out why.
🦋 LOVE to continually grow and evolve as a person or as a coach.
🦋 Want to transform a particular area of your life.
🦋 Feel like you're trying to create transformation in isolation. No one around you "gets" this stuff.
🦋 Have experienced transformation in your life in the past, but then you kind of slipped back into your old ways of being.
🦋 Want to better help your clients create transformation in their lives.

Then this is for you.


Transformational DNA is built on the foundation of...


Recognizing that there is a Divine Essence at work in, and through and around us that is way bigger than us.


Understanding that our habitual ways of believing, feeling, thinking and acting can be rewired when we learn how to work with our Neurobiology.


Becoming Aware of when our body and mind are out of alignment with our soul's desire, and learning how to come back into Alignment


Building on this solid foundation, we then focus on the learning the Principles, applying the Practices and embodying the Processes that enable you to consciously create transformation in any area of your life.

Here's what I know about you...

middle aged blond woman working at home without stress

The fact that you're here, checking this out, tells me some things about you...

It tells me you are committed to your transformation.

It tells me you are willing to do the hard work to consciously create it (this isn’t easy).

It tells me you want to serve at the highest levels.

It tells me you have a desire for more - more life, more love, more aliveness, more joy, more abundance.

And when you are that kind of person… you have the potential to go beyond the ordinary, and create the extraordinary.

Transformation doesn't happen by accident, it happens by intention.

Transformation is the journey of a lifetime.

If you are interested in creating a lifetime of the uncommon.

If you are interested in creating a lifetime of the extraordinary.

If you are interested in creating a lifetime of the miraculous.

If you are interested in creating a lifetime of growing, and evolving, and manifesting the highest and best version of YOU.

If you are interested in creating a lifetime of living in alignment with your soul's deepest desires.

Then I want to invite you to join me on this journey.

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Think of Transformational DNA as both your cocoon and your catalyst for transformation.

Cocoon - It is a safe, strong, soft place, where you can let everything else go, and rest into the work transformation within a community where you are surrounded by others who believe in you, and who see the truth of who you are.

Catalyst - Transformational DNA is about actually doing the work of transformation - not just philosophizing or talking about it. I want to help you actually bring the transformation you desire right into the reality of your life.

Together we’ll explore the transformational principles, practices and processes that enable you to consciously create transformation in every area of your life. Including in the areas of...

Abundance. Health. Work. Forgiveness. Relationships. Joy. Success. (just to name a few)

Here's What's Included In The Program...

Weekly LIVE Group Calls

All training, coaching and meditations are recorded and downloadable, so that you can keep it forever and revisit it as often as you want.

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Weeks 1 & 2 - Training Sessions

In these LIVE Group Training Sessions, we'll focus on learning the Principles of Transformation as well as the Practices that enable you to apply them in your life to consciously create transformation. 


Week 3 - Breakthough Coaching

In this LIVE Group Session, I'll be guiding one person through the Breakthrough Process. This is a powerful process that enables the participant to uncover unconscious beliefs that are standing in the way of their transformation and create a new transformational belief that enables them to move forward with alignment between their beliefs, feelings, thoughts, actions and results.

There is rich colour in this shot. The shallow depth of field also draws the eye to the figure in the foreground. Taking this position with a camera makes the viewer believe they are also part of the class.

Week 4 - Group Meditation

Meditation is one of the most powerful transformational processes we can master.  In this LIVE Group Session, we'll engage together in a group meditation that will enable you to practice bringing your mind, body, and soul into alignment with possibility, in order to bring that possibility reality.

Shani - CDR_04292019_0923

Dr. Shani Fox

Pam’s a genius at creating space for coaches to feel safe even as they challenge themselves to dig deep, discovering why they’re the perfect person for the work they’ve chosen.  I discovered I wasn’t just doing what I’d trained to do, or even what I love to do. I was expressing who I AM and have always been. With that inner alignment I coach with greater joy and confidence, supporting my clients to create ever more powerful results. In fact, I show up more powerfully in every aspect of my life. ~ Shani Fox, ND, Healing and Hope for Cancer Survivors,

Supportive Community

In the Private Facebook Group, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your fellow Transformational DNA travelers to share your experiences, celebrate your successes and receive and offer support.

For a more intimate connection with others in the program, you’ll also have the opportunity (if you would like) to form a triplette of transformation called a "Cocoonlette". This is a way to connect with two other Alignment Partners and support each other however you want - daily texts, weekly zoom, monthly calls, etc. You decide how you want to connect.


As a member of Transformational DNA, you'll receive early registration access and a reduced rate for the Breakthrough Retreats. These are intimate immersion experiences where 6-8 people come together for 3 nights and 4 days at a luxury location to immerse in the experience of breakthrough and transformation. The Breakthrough Retreat is absolutely the most powerful work we can do together.  


"It is the combination of deep dive transformational work and reflective, quiet time that makes this retreat special." ~ Lynn Tranchell

Referral Program

As an added bonus, for those who join the program, you'll have the opportunity to become a referral partner.

That means that if you'd like to refer others to the program, you'll receive a 20% referral fee each month, for as long as they are in the program.

It's just my way of saying Thank You!

webinar - Coaches On Fire - Pam Sterling

Sylvia Hunt

As coaches, we often put our personal development on the back burner. Working with Pam has allowed me to reach into my soul and figure out who I was. I grew as a person, as a friend, as a coach. I’ve taken my experience and paid it forward into the lives of my clients. When I was feeling down or confused, Pam was there to pull me up and give me the exact words I needed to hear. I recommend Pam to everyone who is looking for a coaches coach.

Sylvia Hunt -


So if you're ready to...

  • Consciously create transformation in your life.

  • Stabilize your transformation by surrounding yourself with a community that believes in you and knows the truth of who you are.

  • Breakthrough your unconscious beliefs and create new transformational beliefs.

  • Live in alignment with your soul's deepest desires.

Your Next Step Is To Sign Up!

The investment for Transformational DNA is just $97/month.

 That includes the two LIVE Training sessions, the one LIVE Breakthrough Coaching session, and the LIVE Group Meditation each month.

All sessions are available to download for two months, so you can keep the content forever and re-listen as many times as you want.

You'll also be a part of the Private Facebook Group so that you can connect with, support and celebrate others that are on this journey of transformation. 

You can discontinue your membership at anytime {but I encourage you to think of this as a year-long commitment to yourself and your transformation.} 

If you're ready to start consciously creating transformation in every area of your life, just click the I'm Ready Button below to get started.

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