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Saturday, August 19th at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT

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Create a beautiful, coach-specific website QUICKLY without spending thousands of dollars doing it.


Add the right marketing elements to convert website visitors to leads and clients AUTOMATICALLY.


Take CONTROL of your website so you don't have to pay a tech person every time you want to change a headline.

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Presenter: Pam Sterling

Founder, Coaches On Fire

I believe that when passionate coaches come together, and are equipped with the right solutions and the right support to bring their unique message to the world, not only do we individually get to have more impact, more income and more joy, but collectively we create a firestorm of transformation that’s unstoppable.

And so I've made it my life's work, to provide the solution that is right for coaches and give you the support you need to bring your difference making work to the world.


Presenter: Tegan Mathews

Co-Founder, Blue Dog Websites

 Tegan is a seasoned entrepreneur. Starting her first successful business at fourteen, her second at seventeen, and her third in her late twenties she has a passion for uncovering niche problems and solving them with a business solution. A certified Fearless Living Coach, published author, and inspirational speaker Tegan has also had an extensive corporate career in marketing and business development both nationally and internationally but is a self-confessed non-techie with a love for gadgets.


Presenter: Kristie Scarlett

Co-Founder, Blue Dog Websites

A software engineer by trade, Kristie has worked on IT projects in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, San Francisco and Banff. After completing both the CTI Coaching and Leadership programs now spends her time building solutions that make it easier for people to follow their passion. She believes with the right tools and support, anyone can be a techie.