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Here's A Reminder Of What The Elite Experience Includes

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I take my responsibility as your mentor very seriously.  My job is to get you up "Mt. Everest" safely and successfully.

I will push you. Challenge you. Teach you. Support you. Always believe in you and bring out the best in you. I won't beat around the bush. We don't have time for that. You have a difference to make and I'm here to help you make it.

In addition to having my personal cell phone number, you'll also have access to my team, you'll receive a 90-minute group mentoring call once-a-week, and you'll receive two quarterly one-on-one 90 minute goal setting sessions with me.

I'm committed to doing everything I can think of to remove roadblocks to your success.

Karanne Lambton

Love having you on my side Pam Sterling! I am very clear that I would be 'stuck' in all of this if I didn't have you, your experience, your coaching and the camaraderie and success of the Elite members surrounding me. Deep, deep gratitude for you.

Sandra Fisser

You’re the best mentor on the planet! And joining the mastermind is actually the BEST thing I ever decided in my whole coaching career. It feels so amazing to have people all the way on the other side of the world who believe in me, inspire me, support me, celebrate with me. This year I feel truly empowered. My gratitude is to you and the Elites. 

Peer Partners

As an Elite Mastermind member, you are part of an exclusive group of hand-picked 'on fire' coaches all committed to doing whatever it takes to get their breakthrough. Connecting with the brilliance and passion of others in the group is one of the greatest benefits of the Elite experience. You become thinking partners, acting partners, and partners in believing with some of the brightest and best coaches in the world.

In addition to connecting on the Mentoring calls, you'll also be part of an Exclusive Elite Facebook Group where you can connect with and support one another throughout the week.

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Pam DeLise

I am so grateful to be part of this amazing group of women who are following their dreams! I am also grateful for your dedication to our success and your belief in me and my journey. It's truly a life line!

Kara Steck

So grateful to be a part of such a powerful, heart-centered group of people.  Elite = understatement.


As part of your Elite experience, you will be part of a four-day, three-night Breakthrough Retreat at a luxury location.  The retreat is focused on doing the inner work that is required for your personal and professional success. You can know all the tools, tricks, tech and tactics of building a business, but it is the inner work that will ultimately enable you to break through to levels of success you never thought possible. 


"It is the combination of deep dive transformational work and reflective, quiet time that makes this retreat special." ~ Lynn Tranchell

Email Automation

One of the biggest places where marketing breaks down, is in what happens after someone subscribes to your email list.  Too often it's a ghost town.  We've solved that problem for you by creating four done-for-you email automations to help you nurture your potential clients.

We'll take care of the technology side of things by implementing your core automation sequences in Active Campaign and connecting them to your opt-in and registration pages so that everything works seamlessly together.  All you need to do is use the templates provided to write your personalized and branded emails.

Technology. DONE!


Facebook Ads Support

Turning advertising into leads and clients is the most powerful tool available to you to build and scale your coaching business. But it can seem daunting at first.

That's why we walk with you.

The most important thing when it comes to Facebook ads is to understand the strategy behind a successful ad campaign. Whether you have never run a Facebook ad, or whether you are ready to scale up, we’re there to support you in strategizing, implementing and optimizing your Facebook ad campaigns to ensure that you get the best return on your investment and bring perfect prospects to you doorstep. 

"With Pam, I constantly feel like I'm important. She's constantly there for me. I have access to her and she delivers. And she in turn is teaching me how I want to be as a coach, and how I want to overdeliver for my clients as well."


BDW Pink Website Mockup

Coaches On Fire Collection Website from Blue Dog Websites

Having a website you're proud of, positions you and gets clients is a cornerstone to your online presence.   As an Elite Mastermind member, we've got you covered.

If you don't have a website (or don't have a website that's working for you) we'll get you hooked up with a beautifully designed, coach-specific, conversion getting website from Blue Dog Websites.  Using the intuitive and user-friendly built-in page builder, you'll be able to easily take control of your website and make changes going forward. If you already have a website, we'll perform a website audit and make recommendations to optimize your website and landing pages for conversions. 

Lifetime Access To the Coaches On Fire Acacemy

In the Coaches On Fire Academy, you'll receive comprehensive training in the Accelerated Results System, you'll be given a clear success roadmap so that you never have to guess what your next right steps are, you'll be equipped with the right skills for working both in and on your business, and you'll become part of an extraordinary group of ON FIRE coaches from around the world, all working to make their difference in the world. 

What can you expect?

In a word... RESULTS.

No one can take your steps for you, you have to do that. But we’ll do everything we can to create an environment to make your breakthrough inevitable by providing you with the mentorship, accountability, thinking technology, marketing strategies, skills, and tech support you need to get the breakthrough you desire. 

What Coaches Are Saying About The Elite Experience


I've been knee deep and head first in the work we are doing in the Elite Mastermind group and I wanted to share with everyone what it feels like to stay at the drawing board, to keep revising, and revisiting our message. And to receive focused support from you.

I had a moment of profound gratitude for you this morning....I know I would've never gotten this far on the clarity I'm getting now about my client's’ story, my story and what I do, if it were not for you - not just coaching - but for you. You gently push and encourage me to go deeper, you hold my feet to the fire even when I want to shy away and make a million excuses and you call me to a higher level of being because you see and believe in parts of me that are still hiding. Over the last 3+ years, I've paid others to help me and for some reason couldn't and haven't made the breakthroughs or gotten the clarity in the way things are starting to flow with you walking beside me and holding my hand. Thank you for being there, for believing in me and reminding me the power of what we get to do for people every day.

Sitting in profound gratitude for you today...and every day.

Pam Burton - Kickstart with Heart


When I think of all I have learned from COFA and being part of the Elite Mastermind group, it makes me think of the quote, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

I still have MUCH to learn about fishing, but I find the opportunity to learn through your program at COFA and the Elite Mastermind group...priceless.

The further I get into this, the more I recognize, and APPRECIATE how much of YOU you have put into it.

Thank you.

Melissa Healy - Melissa Healy Coaching

Sandra Fisser Testimonial

My vision has been to create a fully automated system for attracting new coaching clients. But the How To's were a mystery. I was a do-it-yourselfer for a painfully long time. Starting with my leap into Pam's Marketing Bootcamp, I strapped myself into the rocket ship of learning the skills to orchestrate my system. Now in the Elite Mastermind all the pieces of the mosaic are coming together and I understand the process! I've created and grown a Facebook group to over 700 members on four continents. Pam has helped me design my lead magnet and webinar, plus design Facebook ads for them.  She's also shown me how to analyze my Facebook ad data and optimize my ads to maximize the return on my investment. PUS, Pam and her team have helped me… become more visible by creating a visibility video that's ranking in Google; Set up email automation sequences, so that I can more effectively communicate with and manage my contacts; Setup my new website, which I can manage myself.

If it this sounds like a lot – it is. It's HUGE. It's life-changing. I feel competent and confident, supported by a coach who delights in giving 110%. Pam, what a gift you are! Thank you.

Mary Nerburn -

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