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Creating a business breakthrough doesn't happen by default, it happens by DESIGN.

Karanne Lambton

Love having you on my side Pam Sterling! I am very clear that I would be 'stuck' in all of this if I didn't have you, your experience, your coaching and the camaraderie and success of the other members surrounding me. Deep, deep gratitude for you.

Sandra Fisser

You’re the best mentor on the planet! And joining this group is actually the BEST thing I ever decided in my whole coaching career. It feels so amazing to have people all the way on the other side of the world who believe in me, inspire me, support me, celebrate with me. This year I feel truly empowered. I am so grateful.

Pam DeLise

I am so grateful to be part of this amazing group of coaches who are following their dreams! I am also grateful for your dedication to our success and your belief in me and my journey. It's truly a life line!

pam.burton 600

Pam Burton

I had a moment of profound gratitude for you this morning....I know I would've never gotten this far on the clarity I'm getting now about my client's’ story, my story and what I do, if it were not for you - not just coaching - but for you. You gently push and encourage me to go deeper, you hold my feet to the fire even when I want to shy away and make a million excuses and you call me to a higher level of being because you see and believe in parts of me that are still hiding. Over the last 3+ years, I've paid others to help me and for some reason couldn't and haven't made the breakthroughs or gotten the clarity in the way things are starting to flow with you walking beside me and holding my hand. Thank you for being there, for believing in me and reminding me the power of what we get to do for people every day.

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