Accelerated Results - Pam Sterling - Coaches On Fire

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The 4 Keys To Creating Accelerated Results and Confidently & Consistently Growing Your Coaching Business

In This Training You'll Discover...


The super simple marketing system that creates a consistent FLOW OF HIGH VALUE LEADS.


The most important skill you must develop, that will determine your LEVEL OF SUCCESS.


The counterintuitive reason why you want to make it HARDER NOT EASIER to work with you.


The two things you must convey to build trust and respect with your prospects INSTANTLY.


The structures of support you must have in place to have the success you want QUICKER and EASIER.


The power to attract highly motivated clients by positioning your business as an "EMERGENCY ROOM".


Presenter: Pam Sterling

Founder, Coaches On Fire

Passion is essential, but it's not enough.

I believe when passionate coaches come together and are trained in the right system, equipped with the right skills, given the right support, and take the right steps - success is inevitable. 

My mission is to inspire, equip and lead a generation of coaches to ignite transformation around the world.