How To Hire A Virtual Assistant

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant - Coaches on Fire - Pam Sterling

I finally did it! I hired a Virtual Assistant! Lesson learned – don’t wait so long to hire a virtual assistant! Outsourcing to a virtual assistant of any kind – general assistant, graphic designer, web designer, transcriptionist, etc. is key to taking your coaching business to the next level as it allows you to stay…

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Where To Find Quality Stock Photos

Stock Photos - Coaches On Fire - Pam Sterling

A picture REALLY is worth a thousand words. All too often though, photos are not given enough thought and are ‘less than carefully’ selected for things like PowerPoint Presentations, Quote Cards, FB Ads, Blog Posts, etc.. As a result, we end of having an inconsistent look and feel (or even a feel we don’t want) for…

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How To Draft Your Dream Coaching Business Blueprint


In the summer of 1986, I had the opportunity to help my parents build their dream home.  It was on 5 acres in southern Washington.  Since they got to build it from scratch, every decision was their’s to make.  Sometimes that felt daunting, but in the end, they got to build their home exactly the…

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How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert

How to create Facebook Ads - Coaches On Fire - Pam Sterling

Let’s talk about Facebook Ads, shall we? Facebook ads can seem a bit intimidating at first, but they don’t need to be. I think the important thing to understand is that Marketing (whether it’s Facebook ads, a Webinar, an email campaign, a Lead Magnet, etc.) is a perpetual TEST. We’re always trying something new, dialing…

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Sumome: Cool Tools To Grow Your Website Traffic

Sumome - Tools to grow your website traffic - Coaches On Fire - Pam Sterling

I’m in the process of finalizing my new Coaches of Fire website, and I discovered an important tool to easily share my inspirational quote cards and increase my website traffic at the same time. If you’re like me, and you like to create and share inspirational quote cards and you want to enable your website visitors…

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How To Create A Brand That Stands Out

How To Create A Brand That Stands Out - Coaches On Fire - Pam Sterling

How do you create a brand that stands out?  This is an important questions for coaches. One way is by creating a brand look and feel that is undeniably YOU.  But that requires laying a solid foundation for a consistent look and feel.. Bottom line… details matter. Here are some suggestions for creating a consistent look…

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